What Happens After Awakening?

An online podcast about the road to awakening and beyond.

In a wonderful way I came into contact with Julie Hoyle, who hosts all kinds of interviews about spirituality, healing and spiritual awakening. Having fully prepared myself for a conversation about energy healing, 5 minutes beforehand the conversation went in a completely different direction (and exactly as it should have been).

Thus, without any preparation, a conversation arose about the spiritual path and the road to spiritual awakening. With open and honest examples many facets are touced upon, and how it’s not about living in bliss all the time.

Instead, life goes on with struggles and an open embrace of everything we still carry with us. Many of the things shared in the video turn out to be exactly what needed to be said, and honestly, the outcome took me by surprise as well:

An open conversation about the spiritual path and awakening.

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