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Reviews and Experiences

Reviews and Experiences

Relaxed afterwards...

I had a very nice treatment from Diederik. He explains everything calmly and well, so that you feel at ease. I felt relaxed during the treatment. After the treatment I had the feeling that a burden had already been lifted from my shoulders. Very nice, highly recommended.

Keshia, Winterswijk

As a feeling person...

I ended up at Diederik's because I was recommended to do a healing by several people. As a feeling person, I used to shut it off because I only experienced more disadvantages than advantages but now I find out that it's a very beautiful gift. So much happened during the sessions and it helped me so much, also with the things I didn't use the healing for in the first place.

All in all a very good decision that I have done this. Very grateful 🙏


Hot flashes gone, digestion improved...

After the summer of 2020, I (woman, 66 years) came into Diederik’s practice. I had all sorts of complaints, including sleeping badly, digestive problems and hot flashes. After all kinds of examinations through the family doctor I did not really get anywhere. I was looking for energetic healing and ended up with Diederik for the VortexHealing. The first visit immediately felt good and familiar.
Diederik is a calm person and after an extensive conversation about the past and present he started the energetic treatment. I really felt everything. That is not necessary but it happened to me. From knocks in my big toe to bubbling and stinging in my stomach etc. It came and went and then went again. I felt calm after the first treatment. The second night after, more things changed. I suddenly started dreaming again, which hadn’t happened for some time. The third night I really slept like a log and had to come a long way to wake up again. It’s wonderful that I could sleep better again, it stayed that way and I am very grateful for that.
After three times we decided to continue with remote sessions. We were connected by video call. The sessions were on average every four weeks. I experienced a lot again those times. A lot was cleared up and remedied. Hot flashes gone, digestion better.
Now we have stopped the treatments and if there is something really annoying again I know where to find Diederik. I experience him as a friendly, calm and knowledgeable person. He asks good questions and can explain well what he encounters (such as emotions and which organs are involved in certain situations, etc.).
With Diederik you are in good hands. A therapist to recommend!

Ida (translated)

Lack of self-love...

I came to Diederik with various complaints, but the lack of self-love was paramount. Together we decided per consultation what we would work on and then I was allowed to sit on the treatment table for a relaxing treatment. Soon I looked more relaxed and learned to listen to my intuition more and more. My self-love has improved, which manifests itself mainly in listening more to my body and listening to my heart to do the things I want to do. I am therefore very grateful to Diederik for this crucial change in my life.


After a long time I can...

I have had Reiki treatments in the past, but VortexHealing felt very special to me. I also got results much quicker. The healing felt very soft. Diederik could explain very well the things I felt. Diederik felt things that he could not know.
I have had a total of 8 remote sessions and feel much calmer now. I also felt the after-effects of various traumas flowing away. After a long time I can drive again, whereas before the nerves took over. VortexHealing is definitely worth a try.

Anonymous, experience in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and PTSD.

To the point...

I have had a number of treatments with Diederik. The treatments were all special and nice, Diederik is very calm and understanding. He also explains everything well. I learned a lot in the sessions.
One session stayed with me the most and it was so to spot-on! I was on the treatment table and was far away, because suddenly I felt back in my body and felt a shock so that I was back in the room.
Diederik immediately got to the heart of the matter, without having told him anything, so special, something that I have been working with for a long time and he manages to find within an hour.
I think Diederik is a very knowledgeable man.
Thank you Diederik and glad I can start healing now!


Got to know myself better...

I went to Healing in Practice without any idea what to expect and I benefited enormously. Somehow I was afraid that it would be a bit floaty, but it definitely wasn’t. My issues reduced and I also got to know myself better. My whole mindset changed in just a few sessions thanks to Diederik’s excellent guidance and treatment.

Ingrid, Apeldoorn