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What we do

Healing works with energy that I pass through. This energy can be used in all sorts of ways: for personal sessions, psychological support, group treatments or to cleanse places and situations.

You can come to us for individual sessions, personal coaching and other energetic work.

Healing Sessions

In a personal session we work on the underlying causes that keep situations going. This can be done for both physical and psychological complaints.

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Distance Healing

Distance Healing allows you to receive healing from the comfort of your own home. This is particularly useful if the distance to travel is too great, or if your situation makes it difficult for you to visit us in person.

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Energetical Clearing of Living Spaces

If a bad atmosphere lingers in the house, it can be dealt with energetically. This will help you to feel more at ease in your immediate living environment.

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Free Online Group Healing

Healing is such a beautiful experience and I love to share it with others. During the online healing you can lie on the couch at home while you receive the energy.

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