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Travel Directions

Travel Directions

The easiest way to plan the route is using Google Maps. Enter Healing in Practice as destination, or the address:

Van Roekelweg 68, Apeldoorn

In front of the corner house you’ll find a large oak, which is nearly impossible to miss. The entrance to the practice is found around the corner on the right.

There is enough free parking space in the street.


Using Public Transport (OV)

There are two options:

Bus Stop: Jean Monnetpark

Bus line 108 stops at Jean Monnetpark. From this stop it’s an 8 minute walk. Walk back slightly in the direction of travel, and cross over to De Heze. Then walk all the way to the end of this street, including past the dead-end street sign (there is a remarkably lovely energy in this street). At the end, cross the road again and turn into Hoenderparkweg (just before the Decokay Brona). Then the first side road on the left is the Elleboogweg, which leads to the Van Roekelweg.

Walking route from the Jean Monnetpark stop.

Bus Stop: Eendrachtstraat

Bus lines C2 and 43 stop on Eendrachtstraat. It is a 9-minute walk from this stop. You walk back to Eendrachtstraat (the New York Pizza can be seen on the other side), and then you turn into Westeenkerweg.

Walking route from the Eendrachtstraat stop.

In front of the corner house is a very large oak, it is almost impossible to miss.

Note: the planner website by 9292 and Syntus let you get off one stop earlier at the Zichtweg. However, that walking route is slightly longer.