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Healing to the root of deep-seated patterns,
for freedom, insight, joy and self-expression.

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What may we help you with?

Deep Relaxation

Relieving stress is healthy; Reiki helps relax the body and mind.

Releasing Issues

We address underlying factors that cause complaints.

Quick Recovery

Injury? Pain? Tired? We use energy work to stimulate recovery.

Chronic Illness

Medical situation examined? We'll see what's possible for you.

Trauma Processing

Healing promotes the release of old emotions, tension patterns and issues.

Self-insight in Issues

During treatment, we guide you to self-insight into your subconscious.

Sessions are both possible in-person and remotely with video calls.

The Method in Brief

Awareness, peace and tranquility are the basis of the treatment. The session takes place on a massage table, with clothes left on.

Through my hands and attention I pass on energy that helps with deep relaxation and to release the core of (emotional) blockages and limiting beliefs.

That may sound unreal, but anyone who has experienced it can agree. Many people are speechless after the treatment, surprised by the effect and deeply relaxed by the effect of the healing.

Do you want to know what the healing sessions can do for you, please contact us.

Experiences From Clients

After a long time I can...

I have had Reiki treatments in the past, but VortexHealing felt very special to me. I also got results much quicker. The healing felt very soft. Diederik could explain very well the things I felt. Diederik felt things that he could not know.
I have had a total of 8 remote sessions and feel much calmer now. I also felt the after-effects of various traumas flowing away. After a long time I can drive again, whereas before the nerves took over. VortexHealing is definitely worth a try.

Anonymous, experience in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and PTSD.

Lack of self-love...

I came to Diederik with various complaints, but the lack of self-love was paramount. Together we decided per consultation what we would work on and then I was allowed to sit on the treatment table for a relaxing treatment. Soon I looked more relaxed and learned to listen to my intuition more and more. My self-love has improved, which manifests itself mainly in listening more to my body and listening to my heart to do the things I want to do. I am therefore very grateful to Diederik for this crucial change in my life.


Got to know myself better...

I went to Healing in Practice without any idea what to expect and I benefited enormously. Somehow I was afraid that it would be a bit floaty, but it definitely wasn’t. My issues reduced and I also got to know myself better. My whole mindset changed in just a few sessions thanks to Diederik’s excellent guidance and treatment.

Ingrid, Apeldoorn
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About Us

Sometimes you come across something that you’ll never let go. That happened when Diederik Reiki 25 years ago, and quickly understood what its potential could be.

After many years of being satisfied with Reiki, it became clear that much more is possible. That is why our sessions are based on VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing. This allows us to give you the best possible treatment.

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