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About Diederik

Healing Practitioner: Diederik

Nearly 25 years ago Reiki surprised me. Being skeptical and rational minded, it amazed me how well it worked. Surely that wasn’t possible?

From a young age, I’m keen on learning how everything works; whether it is physics, astronomy, computers or the human body.

With healing, it became clear that the inner world can also be explored. Contact with my intuitive and feeling side developed and life started to flow! Caution and the need to control made room for inner peace, surrender and self-development.

Although I had been doing energetic work for years, when I came to VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing I knew it was something very magical. VortexHealing® deepened my development enormously, compassionately dissolving deep childhood pain to its root.

I love combining this power with therapeutic skills to guide you to your core and center. In order to improve my skills, I regularly attend VortexHealing® classes, as each training gives a huge growth spurt in possibilities and depth.

Healing opened up my emotional side and has improved my life for the better. Therefore, I love to give you an experience what ‘healing’ can offer, and where it can remove blockages.