Spiritual Awakening

There are many romantic ideas about awakening, which unfortunately aren’t true. It is however, a disarming encounter with your deeper nature, without filters, in the midst of all human dynamics and psyche. What happens is both special and ordinary at the same time.


Sleepless from worrying.
What lies beneath this worrying?

Processing emotions,
Feeling through emotions.

Willingness to feel through.
No more running away.
Feeling everything.
And it melts away.

More emotions,
Melt away.

What lies beneath?
Where does this come from?

A spontaneous intervention!
Grace shows up.

That’s where the I-center sinks in.
Radiant sunshine in the heart.

Cannot be located.
Cannot be placed.
Impossible to point at.

Slowly growing and deepening.
But words fall short.

Incomprehensible to the mind.
Confusion. Denial.

The whole idea of awakening…
Such a fuss, so unreal.

Just this; without pointing.
Delightful presence.

Peace, love and deepening.
Touching deep valleys.

Beginning of a new chapter.

Processing emotions,
Feeling through emotions.

With a loving flair.

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