Reiki and VortexHealing® Energy Healing, what is the difference?

Reiki was created for a beautiful purpose: which is to bring the whole idea of energy channelling into the mainstream. Ric Weinman, founder of VortexHealing® (Beunos Aires, 2013)

Reiki made energy healing available to everyone. The founder (Mikao Usui) brought this into the world from his self-realization. It was his wish that healing would become available to the common man, and not to the few advanced disciples. This makes Reiki very accessible and easy to learn. It’s easy to connect with Reiki, even to become a teacher.

The Reiki method taught today is a slimmed down form of what Mikao Usui taught. While miraculous healings do happen, most studied cases only show effects based on the deep relaxation it promotes. When you explore other options, you will notice that different healing modalities can be appealing to each person.

The Magic of VortexHealing®

VortexHealing® is run by Divine energy and consciousness, allowing deep healings oriented towards transformation.

During the healing, the energy follows the healers intention, as long as that intention is appropriate. This makes it very powerful and flexible. Sessions can be holistically fine-tuned for individual needs.

A typical session first creates the necessary foundation for deep transformation. This is followed by a thorough approach, to tackle all places where an issue sits the body, psyche and energy system. That includes looking for the root of life themes and emotional tension, a weak energy system, the expression of genetic weakness or viral infections. After such deep transformation, the body is supported to catch-up and integrate these changes.

A lot of these ‘typical sessions’ have well-defined steps as guideline, based on direct observation, revelation, hands-on experience and feedback. It made VortexHealing® the fine-tuned healing art that it is today.

Advanced VortexHealing® practitioners can draw upon various techniques to work on deeply rooted complaints. As VortexHealing® is connected to the Divine origin beyond duality, it can release issues from “non-dual awareness”. Every healing with VortexHealing® then becomes a mini awakening of a piece of ego within us.

Focus on Spiritual Awakening

The lineage of VortexHealing® has a strong focus on spiritual awakening. Healing from awakened consciousness shows you the freedom and love in the human heart.

Ric (founder of VortexHealing®) guides his students through the awakening process.

Note: there are many romantic ideas about awakening, which unfortunately aren’t true. It is however, a disarming encounter with your deeper nature, without filters, in the midst of all human dynamics and psyche.

And More?

This article gives a brief impression of what is special about VortexHealing®. In the book VortexHealing® A Magical Path of Healing & Awakening, you’ll find a comprehensive description of all the unique qualities of VortexHealing®.


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