6 Videos About Reiki

Explaining healing and Reiki is sometimes quite an art in itself. Yet there are beautiful videos out there that clearly convey things clearly. These are our favorites:

TLC “The Healer”

On TLC Charlie Goldsmith shows what healing does: 

Dutch TV

In a Dutch TV broadcast by Veronica, Beertje van Beers gives a short introduction:

This is really special… I wish you could feel what this felt like inside.(translated)

The Times Online

For the Times Online: Reiki - For The Health of It Joline Atkins gives a brief introduction to Reiki:

I was feeling this sense of just… calm and almost like sinking into the into the table.

Rehabilitation clinic in Berlin

In this rehabilitation clinic in Berlin, Reiki treatments have been given for years to the great satisfaction of patients and doctors.

Loyola University Chicago

Another place where you wouldn’t expect Reiki, but it has been enthusiastically received:

Pamela Miles

Pamela Miles cannot be missing from this list. She knows how to communicate clearly about Reiki like no other. She appeared on American television, explaining the basics of Reiki in all simplicity:

Reiki is a balancing practice and so rather than addressing the headache or whatever else is the problem, what it does is it influences the person’s overall system toward balance. Then, as her system becomes more balanced, symptoms tend to fall away. Pamela Miles

Do you know any more video’s? Let us know!

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