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Short individual / follow-up consultation:60’€ 85,-
Intake-session with treatment:90’€ 120,-
Follow-up consultation with detailed feedback:90’€ 120,-

Prices already include taxes and fees. Payment can be made at our PIN pad or online (PayPal, creditcard or iDEAL). A treatment can unfortunately not be reimbursed by the health insurance.

Bank: NL34 ABNA 0529 8803 93
VAT-ID: NL001383201B50

Chamber of Commerce: 51657708

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Good to Know

You can come in for a single session, or for an individualized treatment programme. You can indicate how you prefer to see this filled in. For chronic health issues, it is advisable to schedule a number of sessions in succession.

When visiting our studio isn’t possibe for you, a distance healing session can be provided instead.

A referral from the doctor or specialist is not required, but if you are being treated, please let us know.

Reviews and Experiences

Got to know myself better...

I went to Healing in Practice without any idea what to expect and I benefited enormously. Somehow I was afraid that it would be a bit floaty, but it definitely wasn’t. My issues reduced and I also got to know myself better. My whole mindset changed in just a few sessions thanks to Diederik’s excellent guidance and treatment.

Ingrid, Apeldoorn

After a long time I can...

I have had Reiki treatments in the past, but VortexHealing felt very special to me. I also got results much quicker. The healing felt very soft. Diederik could explain very well the things I felt. Diederik felt things that he could not know.
I have had a total of 8 remote sessions and feel much calmer now. I also felt the after-effects of various traumas flowing away. After a long time I can drive again, whereas before the nerves took over. VortexHealing is definitely worth a try.

Anonymous, experience in irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and PTSD.

To the point...

I have had a number of treatments with Diederik. The treatments were all special and nice, Diederik is very calm and understanding. He also explains everything well. I learned a lot in the sessions.
One session stayed with me the most and it was so to spot-on! I was on the treatment table and was far away, because suddenly I felt back in my body and felt a shock so that I was back in the room.
Diederik immediately got to the heart of the matter, without having told him anything, so special, something that I have been working with for a long time and he manages to find within an hour.
I think Diederik is a very knowledgeable man.
Thank you Diederik and glad I can start healing now!