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Can a Healing Be Combined with Regular Care?

Can a Healing Be Combined with Regular Care?

Your own body determines what it takes in, so it is safe.

Yes. The treatment has a balancing effect and stimulates the body’s natural healing process. There is no “intervention” with significant side effects or undesirable effects on medication. You can therefore always use our healing in combination with a regular treatment or therapy.

For instance:

  • Faster recovery after surgery.
  • Inner peace with emotional or psychological complaints.
  • Space for self-reflection and contemplation in the midst of chaos.

A healing session is not a substitute for regular healthcare. It complements the existing treatment by enhancing the positive effects of other healing methods and therapies.

Collaboration with Doctors and Specialists

If you are being treated by a doctor or specialist, we advise you to inform your doctor or specialist about this. We work with respect for medical specialists and their expertise. Together, we can look at what best suits your situation.

Do you also apply other forms of energy work / healing? For better results, leave a few hours to a day in between. The treatment will continue for some time after the session. Give yourself time to process everything.