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Using awareness, peace and tranquility.

A healing session works with energy that I pass on. This energy removes inner blockages and stored tension. This stimulates recovery, relaxation and releasing the core of (emotional) blockages, limiting beliefs and physical discomfort.

With a short conversation we explore the focus for the session. Next, the session takes place on a massage table, with clothes left on.


Curious about what is possible for you?  Please feel free to contact us.

Healing space located in Apeldoorn

Relaxed afterwards...

I had a very nice treatment from Diederik. He explains everything calmly and well, so that you feel at ease. I felt relaxed during the treatment. After the treatment I had the feeling that a burden had already been lifted from my shoulders. Very nice, highly recommended.

Keshia, Winterswijk


Do you have any questions?

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The Healing Modality

After many years of being satisfied with Reiki, it became clear that much more is possible. We have therefore studied new similar methods. We use VortexHealing® Energy Healing as a basis to give you the best possible treatment.

VortexHealing® is very effective in releasing emotional blockages, conditioning and limiting thoughts. It works from the deepest level, and deepest cause.